A New Approach to DevOps with Spinnaker on Kubernetes
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As organizations look to DevOps as a means to achieve digital transformation, they realize they must accelerate the end-to-end software delivery process, and also make it safer. “It can seem like a boil-the-ocean type of problem. That makes it hard to figure out how you’re going to incrementally derive value from it,” said Andrew Phillips, a product manager in Google Cloud Platform’s DevOps division, in this episode of The New Stack Makers. By separating the developer feedback cycle from the rollout process, organizations can find a manageable starting point. Tools like Spinnaker were built for this purpose, Phillips said, “to provide an abstraction so that development teams can have a simplified experience, while still providing the operations teams with the ability to manage and tweak and define it in exactly the way that makes the most sense for the organization.”