Architectures at the Edge to Go the Last Mile
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Justin Johnson is development director at StackPath and our guest on this latest episode of The New Stack Makers, recorded at the Open Source Leadership Summit in March. StackPath acquired companies in the CDN, software and security market to manage deployment of content and applications across its infrastructure. Positioning itself as a security as a service, StackPath is using open source technologies to interconnect the different products it has acquired into one single platform. Customers write code to the StackPath APIs, which then manage the content and applications across its distributed network, as opposed to one big data center, or one big pipe. The longer the distance traveled to the user, the more latency. The limits of livestreaming lies in the distance large files have to travel to the user. There are different types of workloads that require different networks. For example, Microsoft works with StackPath to update Xbox machines. To do so efficiently requires an infrastructure that can…