Ben Golub: From Storage to Docker and Back to Storage but now with Blockchain
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When TNS Founder Alex Williams met with Ben Golub and Solomon Hykes at the Doug Fir in Portland, it was 2013 and OSCON was buzzing. Golub had found a home with Docker as CEO, following a successful run leading Gluster, the storage company that sold to Red Hat. Today, Golub is now the interim CEO at Storj and Hykes just a few weeks ago left Docker. Their departures are a discussion for another day. But they were leading in opening the market and since 2013, we do know, that containers have been widely adopted. The question now is about application-oriented architectures and the resources that they run on in an ever distributed manner. That is a topic that transcends discussions about containers and into topics that orient on application infrastructure and the influence of data architectures for building new predictive-modeling systems.