Trilio Data, A Time Machine For OpenStack Data
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December 18, 2017
OpenStack adoption is growing at an exponential rate and it’s being used in production. This growth also means that these customers need some kind of data protection and backup solutions. Who is serving these customers? We talked to David Safaii, CEO of Trilio Data, to understand the market and how they are serving it. Trililo Data offers OpenStack backup and recovery solutions that are part of the IT infrastructure. While there are many players offering data protection and recovery, what differentiates Trilio Data from the competitors, according to Safaii, is that it is only native data protection solution for OpenStack. Trilio Data built its solution from the ground up, specifically for cloud. The company was founded by Murali Balcha who worked at EMC in his previous role. Balcha was one of the co-authors of Raksha, the first specification for OpenStack Backup-as-a-Service. Balcha productized it and created a closed source product around that specification. “Since it was built for the cloud from the ground…