A Candid Assessment from The New York Times CTO with Serverless and the 1990s in Mind
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February 22, 2018
New York Times CTO Nick Rockwell is a believer in serverless technologies. He has been since the 1990s when he was using content delivery networks (CDN). In this interview for The New Stack Makers, Rockwell asserts CDNs were designed to abstract the complexity of scaling and distributing loads much as serverless technologies promise today. Today’s serverless environments are a way to get organizations out of the business of scaling their own infrastructure. And that’s very true for the New York Times. But there is confusion and it’s unfortunate for Rockwell. There is this confluence of serverless and function-as-aservice technologies that creates distortion and may even be affecting developer adoption. This may also correlate when considering overall market growth in terms of developer time spent on serverless application projects.