Removing Cultural Impediments To DevOps Uptake With Chef
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At ChefConf 2018 in Chicago in late May, we sat down with Chef CTO and co-founder Adam Jacob, and Senior VP of Products and Engineering Corey Scobie, to discuss the cultural currents in the enterprise. Specifically, they focused on the proliferation of DevOps and DevOps tools within the business community. One of the things that is potentially a roadblock for uptake of DevOps in the enterprise has been the internal culture of many organizations. With so many new ideas and tools out there, it can feel like your company doesn’t get it at all, and even perhaps fears DevOps. Jacob said that the whole IT organization inside of an enterprise must change to properly embrace DevOps, and he said this must even extend to the opinion IT has of itself. If an organization is doing the wrong thing, or is impeding the uptake of DevOps, said Jacob, administrators and IT workers must push to change those impediments, not resign themselves this being the state of things forever and always. “When you know something’s not right…