Continuous Integration and Deployment in Kubernetes
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Cloud economist, Corey Quinn, said that ”Day to day, I solve one problem: I fix the AWS bill. There’s a few things it tends to break down into; data transfer and figuring out region arbitrage,” said Quinn. In his work, he sees a great many enterprise cloud environments and has some insight into what problems still face microservices adoption in big businesses. “People with an engineering background tend to have a natural bias where we focus on the tooling and the how. For example, there’s been a 30 or 40 year war going on about vi versus emacs, and there’s still no clear winner. Some people say vi is the answer, other people are just wrong. So there’s this natural tendency to get into how work gets done, almost to the point where it occludes what the work is. You see elements of this periodically arising these days with the microservices revolution. People are now starting to frantically cargo cult around what they see at conference talks, on bus advertisements, who knows where. They’re starting to twist a…