177: The Wechat Ecosystem – Growth, Ads & Payments with Matthew Brennan - Analyse Asia with Bernard Leong
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Matthew Brennan from China Channel joined us in a two part conversation on the evolution of the Wechat ecosystem. In the first part of our conversation, we discussed the potential slowdown of Wechat users growth, their main revenue drivers, advertising and payment products with advertising and payments with a huge growth in their market share against their other competitors such as Alipay in China. Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included): Matthew Brennan, Co-founder of China Channel dot co (chinachannel.co, @MattyBGooner , Linkedin, Wechat:Yowdy-CQ) Re-introduction [0:37] Since our last conversation, what have you been up to? Wechat Ecosystem Part 1 * Growth & User Numbers [1:27] There is a narrative in China about Wechat similar in the US where tech pundits declared “Apple is doomed”. We hear news on whether Wechat is still cool or sluggish growth, and the end of Wechat marketing. So what is really going on within the Wechat ecosystem? [1:31] What are the…