277 RR GROWS Method with Andy Hunt
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September 14, 2016
00:30 Introducing Andy Hunt Website Twitter The Pragmatic Bookshelf GROWS Method 5:25 - GROWS Method Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition 13:20 - How GROWS solves Agile’s shortcomings 19:50 - GROWS for executives 22:50 - Marketing Ruby Faker Gems Fakercompany.bs 25:30 - GROWS and laying framework for change 29:00 - How empirical is GROWS? 33:35 - How expectations from the Agile Manifesto have changed 36:10 - Prescribing practices that work 40:00 - Getting feedback Burnup and Burndown charts 42:40 - Human limitations 46:00 - Meaning behind GROWS name 50:05 - Knowing when to scale up 53:00 - Agile Fluency Agile Fluency Model by Diana Larson and James Shore 57:30 - The future of GROWS Picks: Going camping in your front yard (Jessica) California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco (Sam) Exploratorium in San Francisco (Sam) Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (Saron) Espresso Pillows (Saron) “It’s Darkest Before Dawn” DjangoCon 2016 talk by Timothy Allen (Saron) Ruby Book Club Podcast (Saron) Investing in yourself (Andy)