How to Avoid the Antiperspirant Deodorant Trap
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Have you ever been trapped in a small meeting room with a guy in a grey shirt with sweat marks under the arms? The meeting has a clear agenda, but all you can think about is that smell. Yikes, just thinking about this is enough to make me want to take a shower, scrub my armpits and apply some deodorant. Is the problem an antiperspirant deodorant deficiency? Why have humans evolved to a strong revulsion complex to what is a normal human smell? Have artificial fragrances warped our sense of smell? It’s not normal For our teenage boys to smell of basil, lavender, and rich vanilla. It’s not normal for women to emanate Daisy Fresh, Peach Burst, Blossoming Orchid, Tropical Rush, and Berry Cool. These are all things that have been impressed upon us by the companies that make person care products, and I think it’s important that we are aware of it. Are you telling me I should stink? Yes, a little bit, sometimes. But also I want you to think about where the smell is coming from, and I want you to think about how the…