How to Connect with Clients as a Health Practitioner
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I’m joined again today by one of my good friends and mentors, Jeremy Hendon. Jeremy is an international speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur who has founded and grown several successful companies. I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy on the Keto Summit in 2016 and I can attest to his genius in business and marketing, particularly in the domain of health and wellness. Jeremy is with me today to talk about marketplace trends that impact health practitioners, and the strategies that cause some businesses to stand out from the crowd. He shares his method for building trust with consumers who are new to diet and lifestyle change. We also discuss the importance of weaving story into your business messaging to attract and strengthen connection with your audience. Here’s the outline of this interview with Jeremy Hendon: [00:00:40] Previous podcast episodes: The Essential Keto Cookbook, and Paleo Entrepreneurship with Jeremy Hendon. [00:01:35] Keto Summit. [00:03:14] Docuseries: The Truth about Cancer; Broken…