UCAN Superstarch with Seth Bronheim
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UCAN Superstarch has been an extraordinary tool that allowed me to make the transition from sugar burning age grouper to ketogenic pro. Registered Dietitian and Director of Nutrition at UCAN Seth Bronheim explains why Superstarch works so well and why it’s not just for athletes. [00:00:33] UCAN Superstarch is a high molecular weight non GMO cornstarch [00:00:57] Peter Attia’s presentation [00:01:26] I found UCAN as a partial solution for pre-diabetes [00:01:49] Initially a gram for gram replacement for maltodextrin [00:02:15] Genova Diagnostics Organix Profile [00:02:18] Carnitine deficiency [00:03:00] UCAN is a carbohydrate that doesn’t knock me out of ketosis [00:03:20] Who can benefit from UCAN [00:03:42] Slow heat elongates the carbohydrate [00:04:03] UCAN is actually a food not a supplement [00:04:27] Originally developed as a solution for glycogen storage disease [00:04:49] UCAN requires less of an insulin response [00:05:03] Also great for people that can’t stop to eat [00:05:20] Insulin controls…