Creating Change in Public Health
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Sam Feltham has been in the health and fitness industry for over a decade. He started out as a party coordinator at a sports centre and worked his way up to study at the European Institute of Fitness and qualified as a Master Personal Trainer. After 5 years of running a fitness boot camp business and a successful podcast called Smash The Fat, Sam decided to move away from that business in order to fully focus on improving public health by setting up and directing the Public Health Collaboration. In the UK, 25% of adults are obese and type 2 diabetes has risen by 65% in 10 years, both cost the NHS £16 billion a year. The Public Health Collaboration is a charity dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health. The PHC seeks to avert the crisis by informing healthcare professionals and the public with evidence-based reports and implementing initiatives. Here’s the outline of this interview with Sam Feltham: [00:00:00] Article: The Tea That Mimics the Effects of Exercise. TL;DR…