Surviving in a Toxic World: Nonmetal Toxic Chemicals and Their Effects on Health
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September 8, 2016
This podcast is the second part of a series. In the first part, Dr. Shaw and I talked about how to measure metabolism using organic acids. My initial test showed two major problems: yeast and clostridia overgrowth. It’s been about six months since I took probiotics and Raintree Formulas Amazon antifungals for two months and the retest shows some but not complete improvement. The primary focus of this interview is the new Great Plains test for organic (nonmetal) environmental toxicity, something that I think may be a problem for the people that work with us. I won’t know for sure until we collect some more data, as always I like to test myself before recommending others do the same, and my result turned out to be “one of the cleanest Dr. Shaw has ever seen.” The possible exception is a mild elevation of 2-Hydroxyisobutyric and other metabolites that indicate exposure to petrochemicals I suspect from riding my bike on the road. Download my full result About my guest William Shaw, Ph.D., is board certified in…