Building Compassionate Communities to Improve Public Health
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Julian Abel, MD has been a consultant in palliative care since 2001, as well as the Vice President of Public Health Palliative Care International, and the Director of Compassionate Communities UK. Since 2016 Julian has been collaborating with Frome Medical Practice in the UK to roll out their innovative model of building social connection within the community to improve health outcomes and quality of life. The initial results have been remarkable, with dramatic decreases in local emergency admissions compared to surrounding areas. On this podcast with Tommy Wood, MD, PhD, Julian describes the compassionate community model of care, including the financial and social benefits that come with weaving social support into an existing health care system. He explains how creating stronger connections within the community is a public health imperative and a socially conscious alternative to rising health care costs. He’s also developed a replicable system for bringing the concept to other communities and businesses.…