Fixing Brain Fog: The Ultimate Security Upgrade?
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November 20, 2015
So many emails! They seem to be breeding here in my inbox. Wait, what’s this, PayPal wants to validate my social security number? That’s odd, let’s click and see what it is. A form. Ah yes, I know how to do this, it’ll only take a minute. Submit, done. One less email in your inbox, one less problem to deal with Or is it. The next day your boss appears at your cubicle with some guy you don’t recognise. This looks ominous, what could they want? They want to know Why you clicked open that message from PayPal, why you were confusing personal and company email. “It was late and I was tired”, you explain. You clicked on the link because you have brain fog And this isn’t the only situation where your focus has been less than optimal. The guy with your boss is a security expert like today’s guest Mike Zusman, and the email is called a simple phishing attack. Mike is a Cat 1 (fast) mountain biker and one of the three founders of New Jersey based security firm, Carve Systems. Mike and I have been working together for…