National Cyclocross Champion Jeremy Powers on Racing, Training and the Ketogenic Diet
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Jeremy Powers is the current U.S. Cyclocross champion and top-ranked American rider in the world, and he listens to my podcast! I couldn’t believe it when I found out. Jeremy emailed me to say hi, and of course, I immediately invited him on so that I could probe deep into the diet, lifestyle, training and racing strategy that has enabled him to be National Champion four times. Our contact was minimal before the interview, and I had no idea that Jeremy has a delicate relationship with carbohydrates, or that he has experimented with the ketogenic diet. Here’s the outline of this interview with Jeremy Powers: 0:04:02 Infectious mononucleosis (mono). 0:04:31 Northampton Cycling Club Elite Team 0:04:37 Alec Donahue and Mukunda Feldman. 0:05:48 Danny from Jelly Belly cycling team. 0:06:26 Philadelphia International Cycling Classic. 0:07:25 Kirk Albers. 0:08:54 Cross is 30-40 race days per year. 0:08:59 Road is an additional 70-80. 0:11:27 Tubular tyres. 0:11:30 SRAM eTAP wireless shifting, hydraulic brakes and 1X…