Women in Science: Bridging the Gender Gap
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Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) - It’s a group of academic disciplines and professions that have historically been male-dominated. In 2017, women held 47% of all jobs in the US, but only 24% of STEM jobs. As a result, we are lacking the perspectives of women in fields that contribute heavily to our progress as a society. On the podcast today, NBT Scientific Director Megan Roberts is talking with Elizabeth Nance, PhD, and Brianna Stubbs, PhD, scientists leading teams of researchers in the areas of biotechnology and physiology. The trio talk about the unique aspects of being women in scientific fields, including the importance of allies and mentors, imposter syndrome, and identifying your own biases. Here’s the outline of this interview with Elizabeth Nance and Brianna Stubbs: [00:00:23] Elizabeth's STEM-Talk podcast. [00:00:49] Previous podcasts: Elizabeth: Nanotechnology: The Big Impact of Tiny Particles; Brianna: World Champion Rower and Ketone Monoester Researcher Brianna Stubbs;…