Poor Misunderstood Insulin with Dr. Tommy Wood
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If you’d have asked me six months ago what insulin did, I would have answered, “it stuffs energy into cells”. I think most people would say something similar. My answer isn’t wrong, but facilitating the uptake of energy into cells is not the most first or most important thing that insulin does. Last week I completed the first few modules of an introductory physiology course from Duke University, and I found this in one of the lectures: The type two diabetic is a situation where we have receptor desensitization and the individual does not respond correctly to insulin. Insulin is present in the system, but the receptor is desensitized. And so, you don't get the movement of glucose from the blood into the skeletal muscle cells correctly. These statements don’t directly answer my question “what does insulin do?”, but they imply that insulin is required to move glucose (energy) into a cell. This is wrong, and they’re not the first to make the mistake. This quote from “Insulin: understanding its action in health…