Pro Mountain Biker Carolynn Romaine
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November 14, 2014
Carolynn Romaine is a gifted athlete. She's good at everything she tries, but she loves to ride her bike. I first met her at the famous Downieville All Mountain Bike Race in 2012, two years after she made the brave decision to follow her passion, quit her job, sell her possessions and take to the road. Competing in enduro mountain races across the country, Carolynn was living the dream. Competition was stiff, and Carolynn was soon feeling the pressure. She spent her winter in Arizona, taking advantage of the exceptional weather to pack in the extra training hours. Recovery times gradually started to lengthen, and benefits rapidly diminished. The niggling digestive issues that had plagued her for as long as she could remember became unbearable. Her legs were constantly tired. Even climbing stairs was a big ask. Eventually the joy of riding disappeared, and by the time we got together to discuss functional medicine as a potential solution, she was ready to chuck it all in and return home to New York. Now…