A Ketogenic Diet Extends Longevity and Healthspan in Adult Mice
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Our Scientific Director Megan Hall (née Roberts) recently had some of the work from her Master’s degree published in the journal Cell Metabolism, which is seriously impressive. The paper appeared on Science Daily, and generally caused a bit of a stir in the low carb community. As we have direct access to the horse’s mouth, I’ve asked Megan to join me in this episode of the podcast to summarise the findings and give some thoughts on how it might relate to human health. Here’s the outline of this interview with Megan Hall: [00:00:55] Mastermind Talks. [00:01:47] The lead up to the study. [00:02:17] Time-restricted feeding. [00:02:38] Are they eating longer because of a less crappy diet? [00:04:21] Calorie restriction was the focus of Megan's lab. [00:05:27] Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD and Jon Ramsey, PhD. [00:06:13] Study design. [00:07:36] High-fat diets in rodents. [00:08:39] Two arms: longevity and healthspan. [00:10:55] Grip strength in a rodent. [00:11:40] Novel object test. [00:12:55] fMRI for body…