The Cyclist’s Guide to Obstacle Racing
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I sit too much. When I’m not sitting at my desk, I’m sitting on my bike. As a mountain biker, I stand more than some cyclists, but still. The ways in which I move my body are predictable and very repetitive. I almost never move from side to side, and I expend vast amounts of energy spinning small circles with my feet. Have humans evolved to move like this? I doubt it. I know that if I’m not careful, I start to develop niggling lower back pain and piriformis syndrome. Obstacle racing then, or at least the training for it, appeals to me because of the variety. The movement that elite Spartan racer Elijah Markstrom describes in this interview is a lot like what I think I need to do as a mountain biker looking to add variety to my workouts. James Wilson talked about similar exercises to improve strength and mobility previously on my podcast. When two people you respect talk about getting results using the same tactics, you’re on to something. Elijah Markstrom is a health nut and fitness enthusiast. Elijah spends…