The D-BHB Ketone Monoester Is Here
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This episode brought to you by Rock Lobster Cycles, beautiful bicycles handbuilt in Santa Cruz, California. In our last interview, scientist and world champion rower Dr Brianna Stubbs had recently successfully defended her PhD in Biochemical Physiology and reached a juncture in her career. Ten months later, Brianna has retired from professional rowing but continues her passion for biochemistry with San Francisco based nootropics company HMVN where she is working to commercialise the D-BHB ketone monoester developed at Oxford University alongside Prof. Kieran Clarke. The big news is the wait is over! After over a decade of research, the ester is finally here. This interview is two rolled into one. In the first part, we talk about Brianna’s transition out of academia and professional sport and into the world of Silicon Valley startups. In the second part, Brianna talks about the benefits of the ketone ester and takes on some of Dr Tommy Wood’s challenging questions given to me by ahead of the interview but…