Brain Training for the Primal Keto Endurance Athlete
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Writer and researcher Lindsay Shaw Taylor, PhD, joined the Primal Blueprint team in 2015, collaborating with Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple to deliver content on the topics of health, science, and primal living. Lindsay earned her doctorate in 2008 in Social and Personality Psychology with a focus on self-evaluation and goal pursuit. Her education and personal experience with Primal living is applied daily as she moderates the new and thriving Keto Reset Facebook group, offering knowledge and support to folks following a ketogenic diet. Lindsay talks with us today about the role of psychology in making significant changes to their diet and fitness. She shares some keys for reframing thought patterns that keep people stuck, and discusses the lifestyle factors that have led to her own health and wellbeing. In the intro, I mentioned The Physicians for Ancestral Health winter retreat, The Braveheart Highland Games and The Blood Chemistry Calculator. Here’s the outline of this interview with Lindsay Taylor:…