How to Get Help and Feel Great in Australia Using Advanced Blood Interpretation
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Stephen Anderson has been an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner for nearly 20 years. He’s had over 2500 patients and upwards of 40,000 consultations (that would be over 3/4 million acupuncture needles, but who’s counting). In 2016, Steve went through the Kresser Institute’s Practitioner Training Program for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine, completing the ADAPT Level 1 Framework. Since then, his focus has shifted to working more with clients who are ready to make a deeper commitment to their health. Steve is on the podcast today talking about his transition into Functional Medicine and his practical application of our Blood Chemistry Calculator to guide treatment decisions and keep clients motivated. Steve is currently running his busy clinic in Australia and is now introducing an easy way for Aussies to get lab work done locally and try the calculator for themselves. Here’s the outline of this interview with Stephen Anderson: [00:00:12] The Holistic Practitioner (THP) Podcast. [00:00:25]…