The Epidemic We Don’t Talk About
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported that for the second year in a row the life expectancy in the US has declined - a change that is largely influenced by an increase in drug overdose among young people. Everyone in every community has been affected by addiction in one form or another - an alcoholic parent, a teen in rehab, or maybe a spouse addicted to pornography. Erik Kerr, the Co-Founder of Clear Health Technologies is here to talk about the massive impact addiction has on the lives of 282 million people worldwide. He and Summer Felix-Mulder have brought together 29 amazing speakers on healing all facets of addiction and facilitating lifelong recovery. It’s a free online 7-day event called the Healing Addiction Summit, and it starts February 3rd. Here’s the outline of this interview with Erik Kerr: [00:00:40] The Draw Shop. [00:02:25] The Keto Summit. [00:03:02] $35 billion spent on addiction treatment and support. [00:04:15] Almost 100% failure rate. [00:06:21] HeroX…