How to Avoid the Cognitive Middle Gear
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James Hewitt is Head of Science & Innovation at Hintsa Performance. His work includes consulting with Formula 1 drivers and teams, work in elite sport and with global corporations, a wide-range of written articles, presentations, keynotes and workshops in Europe, the United States and Asia. In this interview with Dr Tommy Wood, James discusses a polarised approach to cognitive performance, arguing that time spent in the middle gear is time wasted. James also explains why smartphones are so compelling yet interfering with our ability to concentrate. Here’s the outline of this interview with James Hewitt: [00:01:15] Book: Exponential by James Hewitt and Aki Hintsa. [00:03:31] Website: Hintsa Performance. [00:04:20] Newsletter: Nourish Balance Thrive Highlights. [00:04:50] Article: A day in the life of Scott, hopelessly distracted office worker by James Hewitt. [00:05:38] Polarised training. [00:06:18] Cognitive task load model. [00:08:01] World Economic Forum Report: The Future of Jobs and Skills in the Middle…