How to Use Biomedical Testing for Obstacle Course Racing Performance
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The ketogenic diet has many promising applications including better management of type 1 diabetes and as an adjunct cancer therapy. Thirty-five thousand people signed up for the Keto Summit where we talked about other applications including neurological diseases, fat loss and improved athletic performance. If you adopted a high-fat paleo-type diet, you could be forgiven for thinking that if that was good, then ketosis should be better. I know I did. Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily the case, and recently in our practice, we’ve seen several athletes eating a diet that failed to fuel their activity. Obstacle course racing appears to be one type of event where carbohydrates are mandatory. My guest this week is client and software engineer Ryan Baxter. Ryan is a competitive obstacle course racer and an excellent example of what can go wrong when you fail to fuel for your activity. The reintroduction of carbs may have been the most important recommendation we made for Ryan. To be fair, Ryan also found…