How to Get Clients for Your Health Coaching Business
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Imagine your name is Bob. You’re 47 years old, you have a beautiful wife, two wonderful kids, a lovely dog and a career you enjoy. Life is great is except for the nagging pain in your right pinky finger. It started as a minor irritation but now has gotten to the point where it’s affecting your work and your sleep. As you lay tossing and turning one night, all you can think about is the pain. Then suddenly you decide it’s time to get up and take action. You kiss your wife and sneak out the bedroom. The dog is confused and follows you downstairs and into the kitchen. You open up the lid of your laptop and open a new browser window. Google appears. What are you going to search for? Doctor [Your Name Here] Ultrawellness? Optimal Health Nutrition Coach? Of course not. You’re going to search for “right pinky finger pain” or some variation of those words. So why is then that so many practitioners, good ones, create websites that are all about themselves? You know the site I mean. The one with the picture of the…