What’s in Your Supplement?
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Imagine you’re in the pub and you’ve just bumped into your friend Mario Roxas. Mario happens to be a naturopathic doctor and the director of research and development at Thorne, the Rolls Royce of supplement companies. Wouldn’t you want to know what supplements Mario takes? Me too, and so I couldn’t resist making that my first question. But what is it that makes Thorne Research different? Why not buy your supplements from Costco? Two reasons: research and quality. Thorne employ a team of medical and naturopathic doctor scientists that spend their time studying the scientific literature on the lookout for evidence supporting the decision to manufacturer a specific supplement. Secondly, there’s quality. Thorne cater to the sensitive customer likely to experience allergic reactions. The raw materials used to make a supplement originate from trusted sources, but Thorne validate the content of all their supplements no less than three times during the manufacturing process. Surprisingly, the FDA laws only require a…