Rethinking Positive Thinking
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Psychologist, researcher and author Gabriele Oettingen, PhD. has been studying human behaviour for over 30 years, with a focus on goal setting and turning positive fantasies into reality. She has written over 150 scientific articles and book chapters relating to social and personality psychology, developmental and educational psychology, and health and clinical psychology on the topics of thinking about the future and the control of cognition, emotion, and behaviour. During the course of her research, Dr. Oettingen has concluded that positive thinking in itself, while popular, is unlikely to result in desired outcomes. Instead, she offers Mental Contrasting, an empirically validated process, helping people not just to identify their goals but to manifest them in all areas of life, including health, career, academics, and relationships. In this interview, she shares her simple yet powerful 4-step WOOP strategy, along with tips for maximising its efficacy. Here’s the outline of this interview with Dr. Gabriele…