Keto UFC Fighter Kyle Kingsbury: Biohacking and the Missing Low Gear
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I couldn’t help laughing when former UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury described the trouble he was having deadlifting 525 lb when 495 came so easily. 180 is a problem for me! The ketogenic diet has removed Kyle’s “low gear”, but the sacrifice is worth it because, in the ketogenic state, Kyle enjoys an enormous cognitive benefit and less systemic inflammation. Having suffered two orbital fractures that ultimately lead to his retirement, I wonder if Kyle is an example of how ketosis can help with traumatic brain injury. Do not supplement with raw potato starch! Kyle and his wife are yet further examples of people that didn’t do well supplementing with raw potato starch. Kyle noticed changes in his immune system that lead to an increase in sickness, and his wife Natasha gained body fat. Both were able to resolve those issues following Grace Liu’s plan that included psyllium, acacia, and inulin-FOS together with a bifidobacteria probiotic. Here’s the outline of this interview with Kyle Kingsbury 0:01:06 Kyle is…