An Interview with a 4th Year Medical Student
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Rory Heath is a columnist at Strength & Conditioning Research and a 4th-year medical student at King's College, London. Rory has a passion for sports medicine and attends many sports medicine conferences. Treatment for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, common in contact sports like rugby, are frequently the focus of these events. In this interview, Rory talks about how some simple dietary changes may reduce the basal level of inflammation and reduce the number of injuries happening in the first place. Potentially inflammatory foods like wheat and dairy may be a cost-effective way to feed a rugby team in the short term, but if the diet ultimately contributes to an injury that requires surgery then clearly both the team and the player lose out. The idea of preventing illness before it happens is not limited to sports medicine, and in this interview, Rory and I discuss some of the other diet and lifestyle hacks that assist with performance and longevity. In this interview I mentioned: My interview with…