How to Use Wearable Technology to Track Training and Recovery
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Don Moxley is an exercise physiologist and the Sports Scientist for the Ohio State University Wrestling Team. With a passion for teaching and coaching, he specializes in fitness and athletic assessment, training, and performance optimization. Under his guidance, the OSU team won their first-ever National Championship in 2015, and individuals on the team have gone on to win national titles and Olympic medals. His strategy involves analyzing Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and other biomarkers in order to plan personalized training and recovery regimens for his athletes. Don is here today with Dr. Tommy Wood to discuss using wearable technology to track readiness, improve resilience, and prevent overtraining and injuries. He shares the powerful impact of psychological stress, sleep, and recovery on athletic performance, and also reveals the key performance indicators for world-class wrestling, as well as the devices and assessment strategies he uses for his own athletes. Here’s the outline of this interview with…