The Importance of Strength Training for Endurance Athletes
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Since starting NBT, I’ve noticed a growing gap between what I'm doing (lots of cycling) and what I need to be doing for longevity (strength training). This year then, I plan to focus more on strength. The trouble is, I've no clue what I'm doing! Luckily, I was able to hire Dr Mike T Nelson, PhD as my strength and conditioning coach. Sign up for our Highlights email and every week we’ll send you a short (but sweet) email containing the following: One piece of simple, actionable advice to improve your health and performance, including the reference(s) to back it up. One item we read or saw in the health and fitness world recently that we would like to give a different perspective on, and why. One awesome thing that we think you’ll enjoy! You should listen to this interview to learn why all athletes, including endurance athletes, should be strength training. I started Dr Mike's programme about six weeks before recording which meant I had lots of questions and honest feedback. Here’s the outline of this…