Chasing a Better Normal with Nicole McPherson
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When I first met Nicole McPherson, she was desperate—desperate for a life without the constant digestive issues that plagued her, and desperate for relief from excruciating menstrual pain each month. You see, for years Nicole had been careless with her diet. As a naturally thin person with a high metabolism, she never paid much attention to healthy eating. Although her digestion was not great, she could get by. It wasn't that Nicole was uninformed about her body and its systems. In fact, she is a biomedical researcher with a background in clinical research. However, a busy work schedule and the day-to-day race of life distracted her from her own health, and she ignored the warning signs that her body sent her—until those signs were too severe to be pushed aside any longer. After a trip to India, she contracted a severe stomach virus, one that took a full six months to work its way out of her system. At the same time, work stress increased and the drama of a property renovation took its toll. Nicole's body…