How to Overcome Amenorrhoea
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Tawnee Prazak, MS, CSCS, is a triathlete and triathlon coach living in Laguna Beach, California. She’s been involved in the endurance world for nearly a decade and is considered one of today’s leading experts in the field of endurance training, racing, strength training, nutrition and wellness. When I first started listening to Tawnee’s Endurance Planet podcast, I was utterly addicted to carbohydrate, unable to go more than 40 minutes on the bike without sucking down 30g of sugar in the form of a maltodextrin gel. Week by week her fat-adaptation message sank in, and with some help of UCAN Superstarch training wheels, I was able to dig myself out of that hole. You should listen to this interview to learn how Tawnee overcame an eating disorder and restored her hormone health; all while continue to enjoy endurance sports. Check out Life Post Collective, Tawnee's inner-circle community and holistic wellness hub that focuses on taking your health, fitness and nutrition to the next level. People can get access to…