Health Outcome-Based Optimal Reference Ranges for Cholesterol
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To interpret lab results your typical doctor will use standard reference ranges that are based on averages from a random sample of people. Your labs are compared to these ranges to evaluate your health status and to guide potential treatment. If reference ranges have such an important role, wouldn’t it make sense to have them reflect optimal health rather than typical health? We’re looking at some recent and large-scale studies today that suggest your cholesterol numbers don’t mean what mainstream medicine might have you believe. Dr. Tommy Wood, MD, PhD is with me to discuss optimal reference ranges for cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as other lab tests that are more reliable for predicting cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality. Need some help interpreting your blood tests? In this interview, we introduce the Blood Chemistry Calculator. Here’s the outline of this interview with Dr. Tommy Wood: [00:03:02] All-cause mortality: Dying from any cause. [00:03:38] Study: Fulks, Michael, Robert L.…