Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): The Controversy, the Science, and How to Protect Yourself
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Indiegogo campaign: Medical Study on Hashimoto's Disease and AIP Dr. Joseph Mercola is a board-certified physician and best-selling author whose name has become synonymous with natural health. He’s long been a controversial figure in the public eye, thanks to his outspoken opposition to the norms of the medical establishment. He has maintained a popular website over the past 20 years, catering to the growing number of people seeking alternatives for the prevention and treatment of chronic illness. On this podcast, Dr. Mercola talks with Dr. Tommy Wood about the health consequences of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). They review the science that supports the need for greater caution in the age of cell phones and wireless technology. They also discuss the specific biological processes in the human body that are affected by EMFs and the steps you can take in your own home to mitigate the damage. Here’s the outline of this interview with Dr. Mercola: [00:03:30] Research funded by telecoms industry; Study: Huss,…