Critical Thinking in Health and Nutrition with Danny Lennon
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Apple Frudel. Banana Chocolate Chip Bread. Cinnamon French Toast Bread. Blueberry Snack’N Waffle. Cocoa Puffs Cereal Bar. Cheerios Cereal Bar. Cinnamon Pop Tart. Strawberry Splash Pancake. Super Donut. All these “food” items were taken from the breakfast menu for my nephew’s school. Presumably an expert designed this menu because it bares the logo of If you can't trust the experts, who can you trust? How do you protect yourself from misinformation that has the potential to hurt you and your children’s health? There is only one way, and that’s to learn how to evaluate scientific evidence and think critically. Danny Lennon is a nutrition educator and critical thinker, and his Sigma Nutrition podcast is a powerful platform. As you can probably tell from his accent, Danny is from Ireland. After completing a degree in biology and physics, Danny worked as a teacher for a while before returning to the University of Cork to complete a master’s degree in Nutrition Science. After failing to achieve…