How to Gratitude Journal
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UJ Ramdas is the Co-founder of Intelligent Change, Co-Creator of the Five Minute Journal - a simple and effective tool to help you get reliably happier. He cares deeply about the intersection of behaviour and business and loves reading, coffee and meditation. Perform better, have a better day, and sleep better. UJ is with us today to discuss how you can experience these benefits and more using tools he created with his company, Intelligent Change. UJ has a background in behavioural science and hypnosis, and since 2013 has been producing the Five Minute Journal, which condenses hundreds of articles, books, and research into a simple daily practice. The benefits can be dramatic, including improved productivity, better connection with others, and increased satisfaction with life. He also shares the details of his latest project, the Five Minute Journal for Kids. Here’s the outline of this interview with UJ Ramdas: [00:00:38] UJ's first experience mountain biking. [00:00:49] MastermindTalks. [00:01:34] Mike…