Olympian Roland Schoeman
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In this episode I was lucky enough to be joined by Roland Schoeman, the current world record holder in the 50m freestyle. In 2004 he won Gold, Silver and Bronze at the Athens Olympics. Roland is 33 years old and will be 36 at his 5th Olympics in Rio. Roland will be taking three tests to get a better understanding of how well his body is responding to his enormous training load. In this first of a series of interviews, we talk about stress, hormones, neurotransmitters, recovery, ketogenic diets, GI pathogens and more! [00:00:09] Introduction to Roland Schoeman [00:00:37] About Nourish Balance Thrive [00:01:06] Roland’s background [00:02:35] Aging has forced careful attention to recovery [00:02:56] Ben Greenfield 7 Signs Your Cortisol and Adrenals are Broken [00:03:48] Saliva Adrenal hormone testing [00:04:33] What we really use the stress response for in modern life [00:05:15] The problem of excessive stress [00:05:34] Roland has a swim and strength training coach, but that’s it [00:05:59] Roland’s…