How to Use Data to Take Control of Your Health
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November 13, 2018
David Korsunsky spent 15 years working for industry-leading technology firms, and in 2015 founded Heads Up Health, a San Francisco-based startup helping people to aggregate and learn from their own health information. The company can retrieve lab work from over 30,000 providers across the US, building a single health history and a timeline that can help to make sense of your current challenges. In this podcast, I’m talking with David about his mission to help 100 million people take control of their health. We talk about the Heads Up Health platform, which integrates with apps and devices and eliminates that dusty old pile of lab reports you weren’t sure what to do with. David also shares his own story as a case study, demonstrating the value of having easy, mobile, shareable access to all of your health information. Here’s the outline of this interview with David Korsunsky: [00:01:09] Heads Up Health. [00:01:24] Robb Wolf's Podcast featuring Dave Korsunsky. [00:02:08] The story behind Heads up Health.…