How to Fuel for Your Sport (with Obstacle Course Racing as an Example)
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In this special episode, NBT client Ryan Baxter takes over the mic to ask Dr Tommy Wood, MD, PhD, some excellent questions around fuelling for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). Whilst Tommy’s answers are somewhat specific to OCR, all athlete may find some helpful tips here. Below are the questions that Ryan asked, and a summary of Tommy’s response. Q: Diet can be like politics or religion, how do you effectively communicate your ideas about how athletes should fuel? Be honest about the fact that there is more than one way to skin the cat Start with real food - eliminations and diet subtypes are secondary It’s OK to supplement if needed Q: What is the most common problem you see when it comes to nutrition and athletes? Undereating and underfuelling Worrying too much about the minutiae Thinking they can eat whatever they like because they exercise Focusing too much on supplements without wanting to get the basics right You need to figure out if you’re somebody that should worry *more* or less about their nutrition…