How to Reconcile Performance with Longevity
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Performance isn’t as much as a priority as longevity is now, but I still love to compete. This dilemma, so well stated by one of our clients, got us thinking. It’s well documented that exercise extends both lifespan and healthspan, and the people we work with typically have no trouble meeting the widely recommended 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity. But what happens when you’re a competitive athlete training significantly more than that? For this podcast, I met up with Dr. Tommy Wood, MD, PhD and Performance Psychologist Simon Marshall, PhD to talk about the benefits and risks of intense exercise with regard to longevity and healthspan. The science points to a U-shaped curve with dangers at both ends of the spectrum - not enough activity and also too much - and we discuss the point at which an athlete’s long-term health might suffer. We also talk about the kinds of exercise that will keep you strong and resilient as you age. Here’s the outline of this discussion with Drs Tommy Wood and Simon…