How to Test and Predict Blood, Urine and Stool for Health, Longevity and Performance
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Dr Tim Gerstmar practices Naturopathic Medicine at his Redmond, WA office, Aspire Natural Health. He specialises in working with people with digestive and autoimmune problems, and has worked with many of the most difficult to treat situations using a blend of natural and conventional medicine. He treats patients locally, throughout the US and as far away as the Qatar, Korea and Australia. In this interview, Dr Gerstmar discusses the tests he most commonly uses, especially for gastrointestinal complaints. We also talk about strategies for dealing with health insurance and tips for keeping costs down. These scatter plots, sometimes called calibration plots, are the ones I mentioned in the podcast. On the x-axis is what my XGBoost model predicted for previously unseen data, the y-axis represents the measured value. When the dot appears on the diagonal line, the prediction was perfect. The model was trained using results from just 260 athletes. My hope is that is these models will eventually bring down the cost…