How to Start a Functional Medicine Practice
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A Whole Health Educator and Personal Trainer from Mountain View, California asked me some questions about the FDN certification and since we get so many questions like the ones below, Tommy and I did a webinar to answer those and more, live. The questions: What health services did you offer before studying with FDN? How did you integrate your new training into your service offerings at the beginning? Have you been able to use FDN to build a solid/sustaining income and business model? If so, how long did that ramp up process take? What marketing initiatives/strategies have you tried? Which worked best/least? Were there additional/unforeseen start up costs? What challenges have you had along the way to setting up business with FDN? What might you have done differently? What are your thoughts on the current lab testing that FDN recommends, as well as the supplement brands they have relationships with? Do you find that most of your income from FDN stems from patient sessions or from supplement income? Some other…