How to Create a Career Doing a Sport You Love
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Jeff Kendall-Weed’s interest in cycling began at a young age when he got his first bike - a used girls’ cruiser from the local Goodwill. Growing up in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California he quickly moved on to BMX and mountain biking and hasn’t stopped since. During and after college Jeff raced in the US and Europe and went on to work for industry leaders Ibis and WTB. Today he is producing stunning cycling videos from the trails he visits around the world. On this podcast, Jeff and I talk about the many roles he’s had in the world of mountain biking, and his decision to leave his stable job for a life as an entrepreneur and family man. Don’t let his modesty fool you - Jeff is one of the best bike handlers I’ve seen. You can visit his YouTube channel to see for yourself. Here’s the outline of this interview with Jeff Kendall-Weed: [00:02:43] Soquel Demonstration Forest. [00:04:51] Raging River State Forest. [00:05:44] Sea Otter Classic. [00:10:01] Truvativ; Lezyne. [00:11:59] Ibis; Scot Nicol. [00:12:14]…