How to Reverse Insulin Resistant Type Two Diabetes in 100 Million People in Less Than 10 Years
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September 16, 2017
For decades we’ve heard that diabetes prevention is simple—lose weight, eat less, and exercise more. But something is wrong with the conventional wisdom. Nearly 115 million people live with either diabetes or prediabetes in the United States, and that number is growing. It is time to reverse this trend. Virta was founded in 2014 with the goal of reversing diabetes in 100 million people by 2025. They have made this possible through advancements in the science of nutritional biochemistry and technology that is changing the diabetes care model. James McCarter, MD, PhD, is Head of Research at Virta, and in this interview, Dr McCarter explains how Virta is using a combination of a very low carb, ketogenic diet together with 1-on-1 health coaches and some sophisticated machine learning techniques to predict sentiment in natural language and spot anomalies in blood biomarkers. After the recording was made, Dr McCarter realised that he was off by about a decade on Joslin. Rather than 1920s, Dr. Elliott Joslin…