Vinnie Tortorich: Best Selling Author and America’s Angriest Trainer
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How does a personal trainer write a best-selling book? Vinnie Tortorich has become a sensation in the personal training and fitness world because of his work with celebrities and by his moniker, “America's Angriest Trainer.” His book, “Fitness Confidential” has been on the Amazon bestseller list for over 2 years and is currently #6 in the Amazon “health and fitness” category. It’s a bestseller because it’s both funny and helpful. How does a fitness trainer become such a successful writer? Hear Vinnie tell the story himself, in the way that only he can, on this episode. How did Vinnie Tortorich become a personal trainer? Vinnie started using a gym before the commercial ones existed. As a kid, he stepped into a cinder block shed with a metal roof in a neighbor’s back yard. That’s when he first started working out and got interested in health and fitness. There was no such thing as a personal trainer in those days. Vinnie began doing actual training when others saw the results he was getting from his own…